7:00 am / 29.01.04

i weigh a ton

with the weight of your eyes on me


i am never this ashamed.

i am never this afraid.

how is it now i am shy

i am so beautiful.

please think im beautiful

but a weight i can not hold

is placed on my chubby parts

and the wobble to make me cry

crying in shame of who i cannot be.

in shame of what i cannot achieve.

ashamed of me.

and all the pain i though was free.

now is hidden under layers.

clothes that i will never take off again.

not until i am her.

the one you want.

the perfect cunt

the perfect cheast

and thighs and lips

the one with eyes and ass and tits

the one you want.

you'll love her too.

and i wont have to pretend

to not be ashamed of me infront of you.

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