misunderstandable lovesong.
12:48 am / 11.06.04

I have marked a spot for

your return.

an X placed precicely where i pleased.


In months you will walk in and

we will be exactly where

we are now, do you think?

It's so hard for me to explain it to

tiny minded women.

and spiteful hatefilled sarcastic girls

hard to tell them, you're like a puppy i found

and fell in love with,

and how you love me like I fed you chicken

and you got excited because you've never had chicken before.

So here darling boy,

I've saved a seat for you

and a sleeve for your runny noses

a smile for the dredful days and

silence or laughter for whenever we meet again

I realize i am not the child.

though you are like a father to me

I am the little girl sometimes

and you the father with band aids and a kiss for the scar.

but you're the little boy sometimes

and I'm the mother telling you it's okay to

jump from the monkey bars.

It's okay to scrap your knees.

bleeding only makes you understand the pain.

so here is your spot

placed with tears rubbed off into my fist

know you're always welcome home my love.

know I'm always here to help you fall.

and know I'll still need you to hold me

when i do.

save a spot for me.

i know you will.

i know you will.

i know you.

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