behind my eyes
2:30 am / 01.01.05

behind my eyes
men reside
pineing for me.

they call my phone
then hang up
they re-read the letters i sent
they keep all the trinkets which remind them of me in a shoe box.

all behind my eyes.

the men act like boys in the way that they want me
want a kiss on the cheek and a smile.
they write notes confessing love
and poems and songs,
they drive past my house when i'm asleep

behind my eyes
men reside
men who want me
men who can't live without me
men who cry over me
men who smile when they see me
men who want me
who want me
but are too afraid to tell me

behind my eyes
someday they'll speak up.
keep them closed.
one more year
survive behind my eyes.

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