these days
1:49 pm / 17.02.06

On weekdays I sit in our autumn colored livingroom
listening to books
imagine the readers sitting accross the room from me
watching me as I sip on
calcium enriched orange juice
no pulp.
I turn the heat up high enough
so my toes won't turn cold
or I turn it down
and sit under blankets.
Most days I shower
soak the back necks of my shirts from dripping hair on cotton.

I wish for cashmere
and diamonds

If I bore
I wash my face again
color my eyelids
scarf my hair
watch myself in a mirror for an hour
or two.

I steal hershey's kisses from my father's desk drawer
and allow them to melt
of their own accord on my tongue
they're usually unsatisfying.

sometimes I sing to myself.
or open a door
if I'm lucky
I sleep

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