11:53 am / 28.11.04

Corners turn easily
we come around the bend
with slivers stuck in our hands
yet we're still clapping.

You smile with the drunks
we laugh at eachother
we dance in each basement
to the music on the stereo.

when the laughter is through
we've grown an awesome pause
controlled akward silence.

When you're naked in my photographs
when you're naked in my bed
when "the sun shines through the curtain lace and shadows wash the room"
we will take a steady rhythm
we will talk in soliloquy
we will find the controlled silences we need.

when the laughter is through
the beer is all consumed
the music stops
the moon does too
when the morning comes
when the sunshines new
when you're in my head
the whole world is dead
good dead.
make me feel persephonish dead.
make me a gooddess dead
make me a girl dead
turning corners dead
the kind of dead that wakes the heart.
the kind of dead for lovers.

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