we are all the same
10:00 pm / 27.08.03

we are all the same
we are broken lightbulbs
just aching to shine
and bright
we could be so.

we play act shining
flaunting all the best things we have
my curve is exclusive to me
and I am so so

but none of us can shine

we are all cold feet
toes that never become
cracking toes as we walk
cold linoleum floors
water spilling
we are faucets leaking tears falling
the feeling
not being able to.

we are all the same
maps unmarked and
we are.
we are we will be

we all think the same
i am so broken and alone
but I can shine.
I can shine
I WIll shine.

fumble in sockets
and you stretch yourself
out and upwards
bending yourself
the way
you have seen them shine.

but we are all the same.
we are broken
we are not shining tonight.

we are all the same.
and we will never shine.

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