alone, I shine.
12:53 am / Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009

My love can be like a thousand stars lighting up the night sky
But I get so obsessed
I donít know how and I certainly donít know why.
Itís a mysterious conflagration between my head and my heart
I donít know how to stop it because I canít determine how they start
Iím a bucket with a hole
And unfixable weakness
Like the rip in my soul
From my digressions
Make my ears hear pain where there is noneó
Make my eyes see two where there is oneó
Make my tongue make moves that are no fun---

Iím a million tiny atoms
Each reaching out for another spark to grow astounding
Iím an element wishing I were compounded.
I want more. Every moment more. Iím greedy and needy and selfish and a bore.

Where I once was:
There are two of me.
Alike in both figure and proficiency
Doubled and divided I stand small and tall
Broken and United I have nothing and all.
I am Bright and ignorant
Clueless and astute
Forgiving and relentless
Unknown and absolute.

Let us say:
I was part of an us
A we if you will
And my beautiful
Girl shut doors
Where the wind
Blew still---

Now Iím the one who is stilló
Alone in my shell,
I am a million tiny stars shooting miles across the skyó
I will be alight.
I will be alright.
Tonight is any night.
And when I wake to the sun
Iíll remember I am one.
And one isnít ever none.

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