9:45 pm / 19.05.04

dying light

flash flash

she's stealing me away.

and dead, dying heart

I cry and blue seas form

I cry and oceans carve from stone.

where are my days of laying in pain

and painting beautiful colors accross my heart

and weeping.

crying was once the color of rain

thunder accross a pale black sky

the hope that slowly pulled away.

where did the feeling go?

the relief of feeling so much sorrow

where are the comforting tears?

A year is a million moments

my sadness endures.

A life is a million "good cry"s long.

and if white and black make gray

why can't i mix my fear and my hate

how do i know how great laughter is

if i can't place it against my woe.

where is my sorrow,

my pain

my relief.

If feeling is surviving.

I'm stuck in shit.

knee deep.

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