baby boy
1:21 am / 08.02.04

my baby my boy

you've grow much too quickly

for my liking.

i birthed you in spring for

a new friend.

i missed him

i needed you.

my baby baby boy

how your eyes seem so old

you are grown up and tired

and you sit with your

fears all stretched on the floor

you are smokey and frail

but you wont admit how you want

to be loved

oh baby you cuss

and you swear and you curse

at all the people who told you

you werent enough

who said you werent grand

well I think you're wonderful

I think you're the shit

your brown eyes are so beautiful

i cant hardly explain

my baby is so old now

i must be a grave

he is so tall now

and his face a new shape

he is thicker but less round

and he is wiser and oh



my baby my baby

what happened to the day we

lay in my bed and

nodded off too sleep.

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