"best friend"
10:53 pm / 09.11.03

make me sick

i tell you

make me sick

and name me for the boys to smile at

name me freak name me ugly

i am only yours to fear

make me smile then make me cry

and make my whole world seem

empty from the absence of


make me stumble from my "difficult" ways

Im made a reminder of you

dead and cold you

tired and old you

whimpy and frail and hateful and

pale you.

sitting by death and loving the pureness

of the emotion hate

you take her pills like she means

soo well

dont you see she's feeding me to lions

what happened to faith in friendship

and faith in the future

Im only good for you when you can save me

only pretty when I've nowhere else to turn.

makes me sick

makes me pale and literally sick

to think you see me as crossing from darkness


that means, im not worthy of your light anylonger

makes me sick to know I miss you

to think i liked the way things were

and to sit around wondering when you will

come and let me watch you again

i ask you time and again

to beat me down

until i am darkness again

black and shininy old.

beat me down

so you again

can make me whole

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