7:47 pm / 15.03.04

he spoke of new york

and promised to take me there one day

he promised me a love

he promised me one day i will

and he stares at me right in my eyes

he watches my eyes

he knows me.

it took him a while

and when he saw me he knew

i am not a 17 year old woman

i am not anything more

i am just breathing in what others breathe out.

plain and white

he saw it

and he said

"the only color you possess is

the color of your eyes"

and that made me cry

once he said he thought i was 'alright'

and that somehow means more than any

words anyone else said.

and he hugs me with the force of

telling me i am not


he can read me.

and i can read him

it's a connection noone else can understand

how i know when he is in pain

like twins of the mind

and twenty years seperation

makes me think it impossible

but then

he spoke of New York and

promised to meet me

by chance there


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