8:15 pm / 09.05.04

burn my hair

burn it all off

singing the brown thred to the skin

and let the skin bubble

it melts and smoothes

liquid skin on my head

and the sting of black charring marks

where i burnt my pain away.

I dont like when a promise is broken

i dont like to look at myself in the mirror.

i am falling.

oh god.

help me.

I'm falling.

I took a matchbook to my braid.

struck the match and set it ablaze.

and the air in my bedroom turned

putrid. but the burning smells old.

it's been onfire all month.

all year.

and everything is starting again

and i am hopeless

i am numb.

i frighten myself

alone in my room

i burn my hair.

i burn my pride

my self-esteem

my friendships

my love.

i burn it all from my hair.

the blond is gone

the feeling is gone

my pain has arrived


it wont catch fire

it wont catch fire

it wont catch fire

it wont catch fire.

strike the match

and it burns my fingernails

strike my match and burn my hair

strike my match and

the pain

it wont ignite.

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