can't shake it
11:43 pm / 25.09.03

godess sits and smiles

and nervousness is just hovering around

dark smoke

puffing out of the end of her cigarette

burning heart

smoldering in coals

of deepest platonic desire

and it doesnt stop.

midnight blinks away on my alarm clock

no sleep tonight



five am

I am lonely

but I'm not alone

I am so cold

why can't i close a window

why cant I close off my emotions

love to be so dead

so numb

so no amount of

curving light will fall into the cracks of a smile

my dirty used

and unabused face.


alone with you.

godess of my fears

fires and desire

the love of emotions that I cant handle

and yet

godess smoke in my direction

fill my eyes with tears

fill me with something

seeds of a new me

let me lose the extra me

so simply

let me fulfill


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