7:41 pm / Monday, Jun. 01, 2009

clouds are water and air and light
cumulus floats puffy smoke in the sky
and the spaces between are bluer
than her eyes.

But I am mesmerized--
their ability to float,
carefree and flawed
their billows explode.

pure and unique
their moments are fleeting
while they cycle through
I keep repeating
my woes and my wonders
my carbon and water
I'm looking up
while they're looking over.

when I die I'll be white--
powder keg in the sky
cling as thick to the air
as I do to her smiles.
I'll filter the rain for the people below
instead of pouring my tears on her head alone.

I'd rather be a cloud
than this mass I've become
rather be weightless and die with the sun,
rather see oceans and rivers and seas
than drown in my wishes of
floating in breeze.

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