1:24 am / Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007

An edit of my previous entry.

Through your fog last night
tears froze to my face
     I chipped your chill from
     the corners of my chin.

     With the hush of winter closing in
the bends of our mouths turn down
     an offer of surprise.
Summer fever-thermometer skin

kept the warmth alive between me and 

     your skin’s taste: tobacco and tea.

Persephone hasn't let us go

to freeze and pile up like snow.

     Without your heat, my warmth seems…

How much of what I breathe
was exhaled with lies?
     Thicker than smoke
     Your words still stand
     in the air above my
Dissipate with the
     huff of
     my disappointment.
I'm crying

I'm cold

I'm holding on

You're letting go

A swift divide

Without you by my side

I am cold

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