comfest kiss
9:58 pm / 03.03.04

he makes dollars out of pennies

cracking in from all sides

he'll stick his nose in and kiss you

if you stop to kiss him back

and with virginia pressed to his lips

he wastes a second

thinking only of how to make

a moment out of it.

you wake in sunshine

with hangovers from the chilling cold

it stung you it burned you you smelled

the wet smell of dead leaves

and it reminded you of summer

when the heat burns up our hearts

and the moon lights up the sky

and we walk through goodale with out our shoes

and buy all the things we like

it reminds you of a hippie smell

unwashed hair on unshaved legs

babies hair all slicked aside

and women without shirts on their chests

they adore the sun

the dead grass and the dehydration

from too many beer tickets

he kisses you with meated lips

and he smiles with a burning mouth

so after his virginia lips kiss yours

he'll remind you of

cigarette butts littered on the path

and blues streeming out to the street

and of icecream sundaes slipping down your throat

he kisses you like


he kisses you like comfest

when the sun went down and the volume of an acoustic went up.

he kisses you like

a comfest kiss should kiss

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