10:35 pm / 22.09.03

nights with breezes

and my hair tied back

in yellow ribbon

a day when we sleep in the sun

an imprint of grass on my knees when

i wake

and walking along sidewalks


singing words to songs

i know all the words too.

your eye brows messy

i slick them back

you nerd you

nights sleeping our arms

are garbage in my bed

lips on your sholder

and chapstick on your skin

we snore loudly enough

to disturb

anyone but eachother

my own tears of lonliness

and rejection

and failure

never compare to that

laugh you used one night

this summer

fire side wood smells

dead but friendly

I go on living

I go on.

making friendships

breaking relations

crying on telephones

praying for useless items

nothing as precious

nothing as valuable

this memory I'm still creating

of you.

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