dirty is a new word
4:54 pm / 01.07.04

dirty is a new word.

means more that i now understand.

i havent showered for fear of touching things

and remembering the

feeling of you.

i think i am diffrent.

a little bit changed

gave up my love for something

in exchange for a moment of pure


bloody hell.

i can still feel you there.

pulling something from me when you left.

pulling my dignity from me with something but a smile of your face

and dirty tissues in the kitchen trash can.

mommy come home

hold me

i am dirty

will you know?

not the same as i always have been

and its all this depression setting in

i want my friends around, but

when they're here i want them gone

speaking to you like you stole this from me

when i offered this to you

you just said okay

and we can't make comments

because we both know it was wrong

it keeps singing to me

in that song i can't get out of my head.

i can't get the memmory out of my head.

dreams from third eye,

keep me sturring at night.

i open the dictionary to find

dirty has a new meaning.

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