9:29 am / 26.06.04

how many times

will you not hear

I'm sorry

i'm not saying it after this anymore.

if my heart and my head are a game to be played

by you who have played it

and beat it

and played it again

please don't call me

just don't think of me

how much can you hate me if you only

set me up for failure

then get mad at me for failing,

am i not entitled to some confidants?

and i not entitled to worring about you?

am i not allowed to still think you're a wonderful person

even after the mistakes i made?

you say you don't create drama

then you only create fear

and it isnt worth my worry to complain about it here

but i am hurt and it burns me

that i am worth enough to you

to make this summer even more like hell.

so I am sorry.

that i fell into the trap you knew i would fall into

and i am sorry

that you feel like you have to punish me for the shit i did

and i am sorry

that i made mistakes and made more mistakes

afterall you're the one who said i wasnt important,

if i'm not important,

why do you fuck with my mind.

I'm done with you,

you and all the memories i had of you

I'm done with hearing your name and crying

and hearing the cds you made me and crying

and thinking of times you hurt me unintentionally

and crying.

I have other reasons to cry.

I am not a well run dry

but i wont cry over you anymore.

I won't pretend to need you anymore.

i wont pretend i even want you anymore.

i wont need or want anyone anymore.

is that it?

you happy?

I've apologized multiple times

but i know you won't accept it.

I've stopped worring about you

because you don't want my concern.

so I know it isn't my place but

I let you free.

go find someone else to care about you.

I'm done.

it just sucks

because in the beginning

i never ment to hurt you.

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