drinking alone.
9:25 pm / 20.01.04

smell of three day old cigarette smoke clinging to my jeans

smoke three

pass one

and we pass and we pass

and the pot smoke didnt linger

like i almost hoped it would

i see im not so special to you now.

i see.

we passed the night with a silent ride

singing words

of utter amazment out the frozen windows of my


sweet sour smell of samual adams

all around my lips

i drive.

I guess Im not a friend of yours anymore.

now that i smile

and i cry because i can not see myself truely anymore.

please someone save me from happiness

someone free me from faith

help me wallow in my loneliness and

escape to a land where

someone cares that Im alone.

warm sun or a friend,

drinking shots while i pretend

Im not drinking alone

Im not drunk alone.

not tonight

not tonight.

I'm not drinking alone.

someone come free me from smiling

hold me back when i try to fly

it's high time i realized that

high time i realize

that I'm not the one who wont die

Im the crier the faithless mess

Im the faker the messer the selfish depressed.

I'm not free and amused

Im wont be torn or abused

Im the one you all will forget about someday.

I'm the screaming that all goes away

I'm the screaming that just went.

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