10:12 pm / 11.11.03

life aborts moment that I hold too dear

on rain splattered night

I fight myself to

make decissions.

discuss my existance and

why i am not a personality.

ever I evolve.

one year I am born only to

stumble through my days

and now I am living

will I next year die?

My years form seasons

of emotions, not love

each season seeing a diffrent part of me.

Somehow you changed me

sparked something in me i could not see,

but i formed into this beautiful

weeping willow careless summertime tree.

breathing in all i care to own is

only the crisp autumn and summer air


In a second i may change

photographs and phonographs

i am evolving

gold and silver

I am shining

I am fall

I am summer and spring

I was winter

I will always be evolving.

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