feel like a girl
7:54 pm / 12.04.04

i own a photograph

of a boy who i once knew

and he had scars all over his body.

he was a lover.

and a drinker of wine

and when he spoke

all the girls stopped

to listen to him tell his stories.

They all loved to hate him.

loved to prove him wrong.

and everytime he said he was sorry

it became a new story

another checkmark on their list

of reasons why

he should be scarred again.

the boy was perfect

in the ways of making girls

feel like women

then like girls

and then like fools.

he was a magician.

but they all were afraid of his power.

he tried to make music

and he tried to make love

but each scar he tried to cover

stung and he cried from the pain.

he was a magician in the art

of making girls

feel like women

then realizing they were not.

and everytime

he learned another name

and a new scar

formed in a new place of his heart.

he can make you feel like a woman.

but remember.

you're only a girl.

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