10:19 pm / Saturday, May. 26, 2007

foggy and it's done
i have left my heart on your floor
naked and beating
it's the core of this relationship
that steady beat
calling both of us back to the
to the grass
where we were.
where we stared at the stars
where you leaned in
to kiss me
and i refused you.
how could I refuse you?
you're so flawed it kills me
makes the feelings I have for you real.
You're the first thing I have loved for the
chips, and the cracks.
the cuts and scrapes of your tongue.

You're the first thing I have loved inspite of my
knowing better.
You're the first thing to break my heart and
then put the pieces back together.

When it comes to you and me.
You came first.
It has always been us.
But when it comes to us--
You come first.

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