getting old really fast
6:28 pm / 08.03.04

my mind is a tunnel

and i cant see the other end

so dark i am crying

wheels moving around as i

move so fast

lerching at the speed of


finding the way out

i want to scream to

cry to yell anything

to get these sounds out of me

but today is not the day for tears

tomorrow is not for you to fear

and everytime you look into my eyes

i know.

i am stuck again

silently hurting.

because your sounds are more important

than my pain

and if you listen to me

i'll only say the same old things

and all of these memories keep jumping back

these memories of feelings i have felt

and a memory of the colors of the sky

and the same old thought running through my head

press the gas.

or stop

in front of this train.

i think i need to move away for a while

this place is driving me insane

im stuck.

im stuck

and i dont know how to get out.

and it's mostly because i dont know where i am.

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