go bite a dreamer
8:11 am / 11.03.04

i took a bite of dreamer

and i took him in my hand

and when he wanted freedom

i set him free

let him go

and he came back to me

i took a bite of dreamer

and he took a bite of me

and when we started kissing

i had a dream inside of me

it soaked into my stomache

and it went into my veins

and when we finished kissing

my dreamer still remained

and he spoke words from shakespear

and i spoke words from plath

and we fell asleep with our dreams and books

still on our laps

he said he bit a dreamer

and then let the dreamer free

he said he loved the dreamer's eyes

with the brown and with the green

and my dreamer spoke and my dreamer dreamed

and together we kissed and together we schemed

and we woke in the springtime to fuck with the world

and my dreamer bit me

he bit me twice

he took as many bites as he could swallow down

and there i stood.

the perfect dream

with my dreamers hand in mine.

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