going blonde
11:46 pm / 07.11.03

softish water

making my hair all bold

and sweet

the sunlight hits me in odd ways

jessie calls me thin

and i dont find myself laughing

i am alone in a room of people

screaming out laughter to myself

have i fallen over the edge

or fallen inlove with someone i can never

stop truthfully being.

rooney tells me i am okay

stevie says Im nuts

kyle calls and makes me smile

the night is cold and

i am heating up

the promise of new days rising

and new smiles stretching my face into

the lines that an old lady

should be wrinkled into

like latex poured into a mold

i've just remembered to let set

now everything is becoming firm

and things are straightening

and bending into a beam

of pure pale yellow light.

I'm thinking of going blonde

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