I've got a look in my eye
9:43 pm / 02.02.04

can you hear the bells ringing inside

they jump and jingle

we've got nothing to hide

you've got money and

I've got this this look in my eye

we can drive off to new mexico

and never say goodbye

you get the gas

I'll mix the tapes

we can survive on grapefruit and cereal and grapes

and you can bring the tiedye

I'll supply the love

we can only stop to sleep

and thank the skies above.

will you take the top down

drive without your shoes

let me pick at your guitar

try singing out the blues

buy beaded seatcovers in tenessee

and a car in new orleans,

take a pit stop in texas to

buy new elvis cds.

and with maps and highlighting pens

we'll stop to stay in roadside inns

we'll eat chicken fried chicken

and chicken fried steak

swim in pools and ponds and sewage tanks

we wont shave and we won't brush

whats the point with no time for rush

we'll just live off each carrot

each coffee

each coke

and we'll pay for our dinner in

knock-knock jokes.

and when new mexico waves her hand

to welcome us, dear

we can buy a house in which we'll live

and forget the folks back here

and there we won't be sinning

we'll be shining so all can see

that you're the one who paid for gas

and i brought love

for free.

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