10:17 pm / 27.09.04

i am here to frighten you
to tell you to come away from the window
you went away tonight
and won't come back till i'm done crying.

forgive me for it was not me
who said this world's a friendly place
friends decieve and your own body breaks
your words escape into the sky
with out even a say from you.
if you won't step away from the glass
i'll shatter and you can fly away

i kissed him on the lips one day
proof i was no child.
i am old i said.
old and dead i said
reincarnate i exclaimed!

we were lovers in our past lives
you died sooner than i
and now you wont step away from the blind
and i have this razorblade in my hand,
and i'm ready to cut.

step away from my window
away from my heart
before it breaks.
before you put your fist through me
and i shatter.

again tonight
i will cry, lay awake in bed
and you will wake in the middle of some dream you should remember
but feel my heart break instead.
feel my whole life break instead.

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