i want you.
10:00 am / 30.07.05

i want to bury myself in these blankets and never come up for air

i want to lay in this scent for ever
i want the door to stay shut
and the windows to stay open
i want the world to move faster and for me to slow down

i want a bouquet of orchids and a bottle of wine
i want a man who will tell i am the sun
i want perfect hours, minutes, and seconds
i want more than i have

i want to loose all my pride
and gain all your love
i want to forget everyone else
and focus on you
i want the world to smell diffrent after we kiss
i want to carry your taste around in my mouth all day

i want the sunrise to scream
and the sunset to yawn
i want the clowds to weep when it rains
i want the ocean to sigh and the mountains to laugh and the valleys to sit silently

i want more than i have
i want more
i want things i can never achieve
i want more than i have.
but i feel safe when i say
i want nothing more than you and me.

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