4:33 pm / 12.03.04

a birthday wish for you my dear

a wish your hair will catch on fire

when they bring your free cake

alanis sang of irony

and hootie sang of love

i cant think of who could sing

the ballad of how much i

despise you. truly.

they say jesus loved the outcasts

and outkast loved the booty

and children love their lolipops

and you, you love a memory

a memory that is inside you


helan hunt for it

seek and find for it

dance and jive for it.

see, the world has said it's lies to me

lied for hours and hours

i ignore it and deplore it

jesus loved my skin

he wanted my flesh to save you

wanted my booty to help you

tough spot your in

tough spot indeed

someone cares that you're crying

and he'll collect the tears in a can

and when you fuck him over too

happy birthday,

i hope he dumps it on your head.

and you can cry alone at night

listen to your dashboard

and jesus can promise you

whatever dreams and memories you can hope to come true

but the world already told me it's truth

and though it may be hard for you to understand

the secret...... it isn't you.

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