living in dreams remembered
7:53 pm / 10.09.03

reflect yourself in me

somehow i made you believe

that i couldnt be trusted.

so duck and cover

i lie

I pay all my attention to one.

one being

once i felt loved

and white lights made

me drunk

on the smell of cotton and

boy's deoderant

die i remember dreams better than

anything else.

the one with snow

and suzy and i

jumped from her roof,

she flies i fall.

and then naked on the stage of a theatre

reading the declaration of independance.

i smell of second hand smoke

and my fingers become wet with my own

pain i say

i can not be hurt.

i can not be harmed

no longer will i be

innocent or withdrawn

framed in black i hang myself

black eyes and cold hands from

the disappointment of waking up

another mourning peroid.

i always cry in the shower

and try to scrub all of

my death away

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