loudest bangs!
12:44 am / 17.08.04

meet me at midnight

under the bridge where you kissed me

meet me by the tree and we will never tell a single soul

meet me with a poem written

in cursive accross your chest

meet me somewhere where i can read it by the moonlight

meet me where the pattern repeats

beats of bass and cymbol snair.

lines escaping from point to point

wet hands painting accross the canvas of my back

meet me where i can hear you

without a word

meet me where you know i can hear something you love.

remember those times when it came from inside

and the noises just exploded from our mouthes

remember the pops of our kisses?

the loudest bangs in a silent film

the black and white with deeper contrast

the loudest color for you to sing to.

meet me where our kisses made the loudest bangs

remember how we made noise?

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