all aboot me.-oh yeah baby!
9:37 pm / Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2002

I was instructed to make an about me page. I guess this will be it. i havent really felt anything so strongly that i needed to write it down today. It was basicaly a day where i went through the motions, trying not to feel E-motions... anyways. here is the ABOUT SPIT-TEARS!
I Am Emily Bartelt.
I am 16 years old
My favorite colors are Orange, Green, and Brown.
I have a mom, dad, brother and sister.
Mom and I KINDA get along
Dad and I SORTA get along
Brother(brad) and I get along
sister (Liz) and I hate eachother(correction, I dont like her. she insists that she likes me, but acts cruely towards me)

I like school(shocking, i know)
I like to write poetry, and music, but I dont like to write essays, and stories.
I DO like to write plays though.
I am known to my friends as emB(M-B)
I am in theatre,student council, the Water Polo team, and SSAPP(plus many, many more)
I like boys. one for a while. never really told him about it, because i have this overwelming fear of rejection. Its almost as bad as my fear of dangling.(seriously, the other day i was trying to do pull-ups, yeah. that didnt go so well. It took me 20 mins to just jump down from the high bars i was standing on)
I fear: losing my friends, being alone for the rest of my life, dangling, rejection, Lauren Baker(JOKING), clowns and Mr.Neely(our school's dean of students, an evil man!!!!)
I Love:my friends, my poetry, designing graphics, theatre, the internet, The west wing, 6ft under, spanish videos, ICE ICE BABY(and the dance to it too),school dances,Rhode Island,Canada, and Canadians.
My friends say i am:Oddly humerous,fun!,gooood,loveable, interesting,shibidaba,creative,unique,BEAUTIFUL!,peppy,peachy,orange,flamboyant,jubalint,super fantastic,faithful,energetic,and enthusiastic.(i asked my friends who are online for these answers!)
I am a christian. YAY JESUS!!!
I like guys with:a sense of humor, accent ability, hazel eyes, an IQ, and a good smile(and willingness to use it)
My dairy was started because i wanted a place to write random things i thought of down. It ended up a safe haven to write my poetry. If you look at the beginning of Spit-tears, you will see that the first 12-15 entries are only about 2 lines long.

Spit-tears is called Spit-tears because: My friend Glenn and I would always so the *take your fingers spit on them and whipe it on our faces* bit to make it look like we were crying. It was ment to be sarcastic, but i think it ended up as being kind of "light hearted depression" in a way. I mean. on days when i am happy, the spit aspect stands out, on days im not so happy. Tears shows through.

things i say all too often
i want you inside me
I'll__ your __
My friend asked me if i wanted a frozen banana
what's your glitch gene?
you ruined christmas again
Rabbi Mernocemsmearstine
and so. yeah

this is all i can think of. this entry will probally be deleted and re written, or changed.. whatever. You know aboot me now.

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