9:05 pm / 10.02.04

Your smiling face sits staring me

a photo from a day when you loved me

given to me in greatest trust

but our friendship must have been only lust

i though we were sisters

lost and found I loved the way you made me.

you brought such emotion from me

and i told you everything.

everything i felt

i have never been so truthful with anyone else


I have never been so.. real so

connected with anyone else.

and the way i show it.

the way i tell you how i feel

is by never calling you anymore

by letting you believe everything she told you.

I let my jealousy get to you.

you know im not jealous anymore.

you should.

I am not one to regret

I am not one to worry

I am not one to care.

but i regret not calling you

i regret letting you slip away

i regret the things i said when

i was hurt that you were over me.

you were so ready to go.

molly you were so seperate

so far away when i loved you.

my sister and my faith

you were more to me than a friend

you were more to me than a lie

you mean more to me than something i can fix

simply by complying to apologize.

please take this as a sorry

for the days i didnt call

a sorry for the words i said

an apology for not apologizing sooner.

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