a new kind of love
10:09 pm / 13.05.04

I want more.

If rainstorms aren't your thing

and you can't stand the taste of a good smoothie

i don't want you.

I need a new kind of love

the type you clean up for

the kind you

dress down for.

I need a pepermint sented love

and I want more

i want the arches over head

and the ocean at my feet.

i want a rhyme and a song

i want you to simply adore me

so if you don't like jazz,

and you haven't written your name in the palm of your hand

if staying up very late makes you tired.

you've got to go.

I need a new kind of friendship

a new kind of love.

a sweet tasting love

a cinnimon scented love.

so if you sleep in your favorite shirt

and you like to open the windows at night

if you turn the shower water cold for the last few seconds,

if you always start the crossword.

you're looking for my new kind of love.

with out boundries

just two happy people praying on knees

and bruises considered gold.

i want your sweet tasting love.

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