new place
5:34 pm / 25.09.04

i wake up in the mornings feeling alone
in a new "home" that isn't quite home.
and when my cellphone alarm rings 7:15
i walk to the window and look out over my home town
thinking about all my friends away in big cities.
and looking over 161 this new street i am forced to call home,
i can't help but feel a little lost.
the sun rises over the hill,
illuminating the steeple on the church on the green.

i am in the middle of things.
but for some reason
i feel so far away from everything i thought i knew.
one more year to decide what to do.
one more month to be a child
one more day to feel out of my element.

i want to remember all the good times in my bedroom
but i want to forget so i can go on living in a new place.
a new home and a new place to feel
a little out of it. a little farther away from what i thought was real
a little farther away from myself
and no you to help me breathe again

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