8:51 pm / 28.09.03

I can smell october coming

streching her beautiful arms out to touch my cheek

the wind becomes a sweet sting on my face

long sleeves and bluejeans

toes and noses pleasntly frozen and

the stale smell of september is lifting

ever so slowly

as the leaves will soon be falling off my tree

then autumn will put her crunch in them

and my barefeet will become

convered in colorful shards of a mosaic

delicatly sprinkled accross my lawn.

fall is so alive

colors make my eyes look brigher

I am an Autumn

spending my afternoons wraped in a

fleece blanket

doing homework in the backyard

and drinking apple cider

so thick and sweet

never even attempting to finish off the last gulp.

October is coming and music fills my room

crisp harmonies for crisp breezes

I drown myself in Simon and Garfunkle,

and I float under seven blankets

window still wide until the air freezes

and becomes opaque with breathe

and despite the fogged cars in the morning

the days run smoother

and my smile runs wider.

autumn is a gift I'm given each year

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