is it okay to be happy?
10:28 pm / 07.10.03


Im insane

and spitting all of my happiness out

no more sunshine shit

no more moonlight

Im so tripped up

just wanna

strip it all down and run around

heres to life

to dangerous liasons

to lovers

to haters

to best friends forgotten and

to fiances

I propose a toast

raise my paper cup to

kiwi lemonaide


and cold windy days

spent too much time crying

salty tears leaving

wrinkles in my face

spent too much time frowning

molding working muscles to shape

fallen golgen gate bridges

to heres to life

and to pillows

and sunshine

to letters to postcards to post-it notes and you

to the new part of 270 to led zeplin to red paint

and to the insane notion

that I might be okay

I might be happy

I might be okay with out

everything I've ever wanted

I might be mortal

is it normal to breathe?

to feel alive

to want to dance?

Is it free to love with knowing you're not loved in return,

and is that okay?

is it okay to be happy?

read the first line again.

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