one too many
4:04 pm / 17.05.04

I am diffrent.

mom don't you love that i am not the same old


I am not the little one anymore.

don't you love me?

Can't you see I'm wonderful?

I am strong and determined

and you love me, right?

Can't you see they love me?

I am good to them and some of them care.

I am smart enough

i am strong enough

i am enough.

stop telling me the negative

I am sick of hearing

I am not thin enough

smart enough, nice enough, clean enough, funny enough, quiet enough.

can't you once tell me I'm pretty with out the "but"

can't you once tell me I'll be okay.

once i want to hear "You can!"

insted of "we'll see"

once i want to be loved like they are.

just once tell me you love me more.

maybe you weren't ment to have

three of us.

i am one too many for you to love.

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