out of town
12:57 am / 24.03.04

the lights come on

over 315

and I'm driving

sing the song

you sang to me

and I'm driving

over the speakers

comes a whole cd

my life in form of a song.

I'm driving and

she sings

and I'm listening and

singing along.

I am broken in all the right places

and i'm being greeted by all

diffrent faces

and boys from out of town

will talk to me

when I've got straight hair,

green eyes


a smile they like

they like to see my smile

I'm driving

and he pulls next to me

to play

to play

a song for me.

a song you sang for me

once when we were driving.

the story of my life


and then he rolls up the window

and I smile

and he winks

the boys from out of town


I'm sorta pretty

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