You don't owe me, but please
2:57 am / Friday, Apr. 11, 2008

I don't think you find me charming anymore
the spark is gone where your eyes
once followed me across a room.
I can't feel your tension anymore.
Can't feel your pull
the other smiles seem almost a bright
and I'm slowly letting go
of the hope
of the beautiful place in my mind
but at night-- you're the one I hold
in the morning-- you're the first face i see before I open my eyes.

I don't think I can repair my heart without
the thread of you.
please don't leave my wounds un-sewn.

Please don't skip the part I need.
The only thing I'll ever ask--
you don't owe me more.
I wish you did--
but you don't owe me more.

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