pretty girls make pretty love songs
2:09 am / 21.05.05

second helpings
a memory
sing it sweet
and sing it swing.
under all of the layers
under all of the lies
under all of my secrets
there's more.
more under it all.
Pretty Girls make pretty love songs
i will never be sung
pretty girls make pretty babies
pretty families.

a second guess
to the first question
laugh at the joke and smile
the joke's on me
the joke's on you
we've too many words to waste for fear of making things better.

pretty girls make pretty love songs
Pretty girls make pretty wives
pretty girls make pretty poems
i will never be written.

where in these eyes do you see a chorus?
in this heart do you hear a verse?
and while pretty children with their pretty mothers play.
Pretty words are undone.
pretty lies will be woven
pretty things will be said
pretty girls make pretty love songs
ugly girls make ugly deaths.

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