11:55 pm / 23.09.03

goodale looks dark without beer

and the wind through cracked windows

is too cold suddenly

fall approaches

creeping around the brick walls

of allyways

I am scared of traveling alone.


smiles and tears in

a woman's eyes

fit perfectly to the song

playing languidly on the radio

i sing along

although I've never heard it before.

it seems today your kisses lingered

scintillant flashes of hopes

and dreams burning with the

effulgence of magnisum

so dead is autumn

but my heart is so alive

demeter wont take my heart this winter

I'm excaping to hell with my hades

and I'll delight in all the white

of snowfalls

and pomegranate bindings

Im prepared for the snowfall

im ready because again I will

return to the state

of uncomfortable


while snow drifts out side and I sit facing you


and using every incd of my being

in convincing you

I'm worth a winter.

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