still can't breathe.
12:41 am / 06.10.05

emancepation syndication
i am streaming through the synergy
where are your eyes
where are your eyes

emancipation liason.
your lips are too wet
i need you to slow down the past three years.
where went my time
when did i arrive here

spell out the lies
tie them into bows
send them from tongue to lip
send them to ears for ears to hear

rewind the three years
at concerts we stand
your hand in my hand
my hand in your hand
too tight
i held it too tight

spell out my lies
the hands i held too tight
the pen i signed it away
fingerspell my heart
rip the papers off the wall
why did you call?

Why the fuck did you call?
where did the three years go?
hand still tingling from you
sing his songs to me over the sound of his voice

do you even know how much the thought of you

still fucking kills me
still fucking kills
sharp pain, like they say in the movies
in my stomach, my feet, my hair

i can still feel the pain of your attention.
breathing in the smoke, the coffee, the night air.
the top down on your dad's convertable.

that night still fresh in my mind
your hand in my hand
it still hurts to think
to listen to him sing
to watch you,
pull me closer
my fingers.
pull me closer.

do you know you still kill me.
you fucking break my heart
three years.
three years
three mother fucking years
and i still can't breathe right.

i still can't fucking breathe.

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