seasoning emily
6:58 pm / 01.10.03

Look at me

a girl with nothing

better than the love you're not giving me

is that all you see?

can you see autumn in my hair

braides of falling leaves

tucked behind tree trunk ears

and the round soft orange of

pumpkins mounted

heavy on my chest.

do you see winter in my smile

snowflake eyes watering down to

a street slush nose

and frozen tired smile.

is there a spring in my body.

hillsides covered green and

beautifully round

when i lay sideways

do you see summer in my soul?

sunshine and the grit of sand

and salt water waves of emotion that

come surfing over

my whole body.

Do you see me as just

a minute in time

a second of chances you choose to pass by

or do you sense my seasons?

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