you will never see me.
2:02 pm / Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2007

I have eyes the color of olives.
They twinkle when I laugh
they glaze when I cry
They are beautiful.

I have breasts that are soft
round and my nipples are
sweet and pink
They are beautiful.

I have lips that are plump
they are red when I kiss
they are pink when they're dry
They make me feel beautiful.

I can see it. look in my mirror
I feel beautiful. I feel confident

But you will never love me.
You will never call me beautiful.

I feel like i have delusions of grandure.
See me the way I see me.

LOVE me the way I love me.

Have my eyes.
take my breasts.
have my lips.

see me.
see me.
see me.

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