she is
10:02 pm / 01.09.03

she is frail

and she is spiteful

deathly wrong and dying

tonight she is dreaming

and her eyes filled with tears

she is driving herself insane

she is friendly

and she is selfish

smiles and tells them beautiful lies

and she is sunshine

tonight she flies

jumps off towers made of snowflakes

and rainflakes.

beauty is forgotton for smiles are a dream

and the scent of cinnimon

brings rushing gentlemen to their knees

knights and


sheets are made to ladders

and tears are trapping towers

fingers tapping silence into her brain

she is a queen

the highest rated beauty and

poorest vagabond.

she is smiling

and she is turning to the faces of

unforgotten gods.

she is dying

she is being born again


she flies



the stars shine

behind thick grey clouds

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