10:22 pm / 09.02.04

I have a voice

and it screams out my

pains in words that i cant pronounce

darling you have a voice

and it sang all the beautiful things

you have melody

and i have harmony

we used to be complete

we sat drinking



and we used to be so young

but now you think you're old

but not too old to

drink too much

you had a spark that noone could steal

noone could conseal their affection towards you.

beacuse you used to sit

and speak

and the words were so

sickly sweet

a simple death that we all bled for

a shudder and goose pimpling we all

wet our lips for

that fast moving rhetoric

you would open your mouth then our minds

and would show us how

smooth both were.

we all longed for kisses.

we all wanted words

poems or songs or

just hellos.

we longed for your sweet speak

to electrify us.

we wanted words

we still want words

we want them written

we want them concrete

no more simplicity

we need to see

the things you speak.

your voice isnt good enough anymore

we want letters

and we want them now

and we want them

sealed with a kiss

it isn't you we want.

it the words behind which

you hide.

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