the cure
11:00 pm / 04.12.03

i can say how much i miss you

or just tell myself im fine.

but I know im not fine

when all the little things

start to bug me.

are my shoelaces tied

is the soap turned so the

fading ZEST is facing up.

did i stop my car perfectly on the sensitive

white line.

you cure my crazy tendencies.

really, Im a nutcase

worring about how many times i brush my teeth

before I go to school,

and if i take a sip of milk or a bite of my poptart first.

nuts without you

calming me down

and i say i dont need support

from anyone

but my mind..

becomes too structured when you leave me.

like im making up the lost time

in doublespeed

graphing the

diffrent pieces

until i find the missing link.

a little bit of you

and my heart beats slowly,

easing down until

one beat

is clearly seperate


the next.

with you

i can stop breathing

stop thinking

and stop being.

straight hard complicated

needs some you

to be me.

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