The poem i wrote for Kirsten
11:06 pm / 07.01.04

I wish somehow i could compare

your beauty to a sunrise

but sunrise sets

but you my dear

your beauty keeps on shining.

Your smile a half moon

bright in my dark skies

singings the chirps of birds

as your voice brings spring to my winters

even when you cry

the water cleans my eyes

and all your anger releases steam

to make a foggy twirling statue

only it will disappear

with the wave of my hand

I plan to make you smile.

to laugh with you.

to sing along to songs in our vans

to order you a beverage.

to smile at you when you make me happy.

I plan to make you love me

like this forever.

never leave me fairy.

nevery leave me fairy may.

you have a good seat.

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